The front-end code for your projects becomes unmanageable because your partials aren't really generic and your CSS suffers from specificity issues. When you reuse an element it never looks the same.
Modular Front-End helps you unclutter your code and create a truly modular and reusable framework.

Cover of Modular Front-End, the book

"Modular Front-End" doesn't help you to become a front-end expert. It helps you to effectively work with front-end code, whether you wrote it yourself, had it done by a freelancer or an in-house developer. It teaches you to roll your own framework, not unlike Bootstrap, so once all elements are done you can reuse them throughout your web app.

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About the author

Hi, I'm Roy Tomeij, co-founder of Ruby consultancy 80beans and PSD-to-Haml/Sass/CoffeeScript service SliceCraft in Amsterdam. I have over 12 years of professional front-end experience, of which the last seven in Ruby on Rails projects. I regularly give presentations about pre-processors and modular front-end at conferences and user group meetings throughout Europe and the US.

Read the ebook at a discount while in beta

The book will be released as an ebook and as long as it isn't complete ("in beta"), made available at a sweet discount. During the beta phase readers are encouraged to leave comments in the forums, so errors can be fixed and content can be added based on your remarks. Beta readers have access to new and updated chapters during writing and will receive the complete book once it goes into regular sale, plus some perks that will be disclosed later.

Exact timelines are hard: I figured I could write the entire thing in 5 months time, but that (obviously) turned out to be too ambitious. I'm hard at work though and if you sign up for the mailing list I'll provide you with some useful content in the meantime.

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What to expect

The table of contents below is a work in progress, but the book will cover these topics, and more. While there are chapters about using this modular approach specifically in Rails projects, 80% of it covers concepts that work in any environment, regardless of programming language, framework or the use of pre-processors such as Sass or CoffeeScript. So yes, if you use PHP or Django, it will be a good fit for you too.

Table of Contents

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